Software Tools for the Simple Programming

Reusable (open-source) software components and software tools can be implemented to ease integration of these components and significantly lower development costs and setup efforts. Efficiency can be improved even further if software tools are tailored to specific designer requirements. For component developers, model-driven tools and code generators are available that are easy to reuse and compatible with interface standards. Systems integrators benefit from an infrastructure for selecting and procuring components; they also have tools for developing component-based system architectures at their disposal for deployment on the target platform. End-users, on the other hand, need tools enabling them to make simple modifications to robot applications without expert knowledge.


  • Development of model-driven tools for component developers for designing devices drivers
  • Tools for systems integrators for developing applications from reusable software modules
  • Tools for modifying and parameterizing existing applications for end-users
  • Infrastructures for deploying open-source components and application (“apps”) on diverse in-house and cross-company systems

Technologies and innovations

  • Model-driven tools for the simple programming and fast setup of robot systems
  • Infrastructures for implementing open-source program modules (“apps”)


Minimizes the software effort required for robot-based automation solutions

Sample projects

  • Pilot demonstrators in the research project ReApp (automotive)
  • Implementation as prototypes and simulations of robot-based applications based on ROS industrial components

Demonstration of an automated commissioning process with ReApp