Cleanliness-suitable handling of sensitive products

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A constantly high level of innovation and continuous progress in the research and development of machines, systems and production processes that meet cleanliness standards are the key to future applications. Even the smallest contaminations or damages of the process goods within the value chain can lead to a later failure of the end product and thus to high follow-up costs. To prevent problems, handling processes must be precise and fast, but at the same time gentle and clean. The Fraunhofer IPA offers a comprehensive range of services for the design, analysis and optimisation of such handling processes.

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Clean handling of sensitive substrates by means of a vacuum gripper

Clean automation technology solutions for sensitive products

  • Contactless detection of product and quality features via cyber-physical systems
  • Automated handling of fragile and contamination-critical products (e.g. wafers)
  • Automated handling in cleaning processes
  • Safe automated handling of hazardous materials (e.g. battery wrapping)
  • Determination of the degree of automation and analysis of potentials


Optimum handling considering the contact between gripper and product

  • Individual gripper geometries for uniform force distribution
  • Design of material pairings for gentle handling of products


Product analysis after handling with regard to contamination and product damage

  • Taking into account the handling processes that cause the contamination
  • Detection of contamination or cross-contamination caused by kinematic processes (e.g. movement processes over process goods)
  • Emission analysis of kinematics in defined environments