Equipment Design & Hygienic Design

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A core requirement in hygienic manufacturing environments is to avoid microbial and particulate contamination of the end-product. The implementation of compatible materials, as well as the geometric design of operating utilities, have a decisive influence on their suitability for use in clean productions.


Our services:

  • Assessing conformity to the relevant norms and guidelines for manufacturing under clean conditions (e.g. FDA, GMP, ISPE, ISO, EHEDG, DIN) regarding cleanliness suitability and cleanroom suitability for hygienic processes
  • Developing optimization recommendations
  • Compiling a Fraunhofer IPA qualification package, consisting of a qualification certificate, qualification statement and marketable test logos
  • Development support to optimize products for later use in hygienic areas
  • Advice on GMP-conform cleanroom planning and design
  • Seminars and workshops on hygienic design
Fraunhofer IPA is a member of EHEDG.