Application Technology for Viscous Media


We aim to develop efficient system solutions and quality-enhancing components which meet rising demands for accuracy and reliability. The main focus of our developments is on dispensing tiny volumes down to the picoliter range and on processing new, sometimes filled, media under manufacturing conditions.

  • IPA.VALVE – universal closing valve for viscous media to improve quality and increase reliability. The valve can be used as an adaptable component in conjunction with an existing dispenser, or as a dispensing valve integrated into a product. It is switched by the pressure in the system or by an external magnetic field.
  • IPA.smartDispenser – smart piston dispenser with a pressure sensor integrated into the system that is in contact with the medium. High-accuracy application of dot and line structures and long-term process stability
  • IPA.FluidMixer – system solution for mixing a selectable number of different liquids

Dot and line dispensing

We develop application-specific processes to generate defined dot and line structures as well as areas.

  • Encapsulation of a sensor implant by applying a defined 3D line along the edge of the chip
  • Generation of 3D silicon structures through the application of lines using a multi-layer technique
  • IPA.SelectivCoating – extensive application of low- to average-viscosity functional media onto planar, uneven or curved component surfaces in order to wet defined areas

Quality-related supplementary processes for pre-treatment and quality control

  • Surface cleaning and modification by means of atmospheric plasma or CO2 cleaning
  • Surface inspection to detect the presence of particulate or filmy contaminants
  • 3D-measurement of generated application structures
  • Shear test to assess the quality of joins
  • Computer tomography to analyze joins

Our services:

  • Surveys and feasibility studies
  • Individually-tailored process development and automation
  • System development and prototype construction
  • Pilot application in the laboratory