Positioning, Joining and Integration

Fluid-based self-alignment of microcomponents

If a microcomponent is placed on a specifically-shaped reservoir of liquid, the surface forces acting on the component cause it to automatically alter its position until both contours are the same. Based on this effect, we develop innovative assembly solutions for microcomponents that can only be processed up to a certain point using conventional assembly technologies.

Vibration-assisted precision adjustment of a pre-stressed subassembly

To accurately adjust receivers that are pressed into a bearing by springs, the frictional forces acting on the pairing need to be minimized. Only then can a high-resolution, precise adjustment be made. This state is achieved by stimulating a component with a defined oscillation frequency to induce short-term relief. Based on this principle, Fraunhofer IPA develops application-specific process and system solutions.

Joining flexible components

Due to their fragility and flexibility, in order to join fibers or similar elements with a thickness of less than 100 µm, additional measures are needed to monitor set-down positions and joining forces. We develop appropriate solutions with integrated sensors for process monitoring and control.

3D assembly/positioning

Due to the development of products with ever-increasing degrees of integration, three-dimensional substrate technology is being used more and more. This has led to a rising demand for process and system solutions capable of mounting hybrid components onto randomly-positioned substrate surfaces. The focus of our R&D work is on three-dimensional application and positioning technologies.

Our services:

  • Surveys and feasibility studies
  • Individually-tailored process development and automation
  • System development and prototype construction
  • Pilot application in the laboratory

Self-alignment (Light-Rolls)