Platform-based added value

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Key digitization technology

As socio-technical systems, digital platforms provide a technical infrastructure that enables multiple users to interact with each other and conduct transactions in the context of products and services.

In this way, companies can rethink their business models, expand their value propositions, and implement innovations. In the industrial sector, digital platforms still offer huge untapped potential. Besides transaction-driven platforms such as trading and networking platforms, data-driven platforms like IIoT platforms, which focus on orchestrating and processing data, play a particularly important role in industry. By using data, new possibilities for optimizing processes are opened up and innovative business models are developed.


Digital platforms offer numerous potential benefits

  • Digital platforms make it possible to design digital ecosystems. This results in new forms of cooperation and value networks.
  • Companies can offer new services, thus bringing new products and services onto the market and developing new markets.
  • Business processes can be optimized. Especially in factories, digital platforms offer great potential by connecting machines and systems.


Selection and implementation of IIoT platforms for production

With our wide-ranging domain knowledge of physical and digital products and our services, we support manufacturing companies in the machinery and equipment industry. Our focus is on choosing the right IIoT platform to match a company's specific characteristics and on rolling it out. Our platform services for manufacturing companies range all the way from developing strategies to technical and organizational concepts, selecting and designing internal and external services, right up to providing implementation support.

Platform ecosystem design

New forms of cooperation, new value propositions, new value structures. We explore new forms of collaboration, organization and incentive, with an emphasis on defining responsibilities and implementing new business models.

Platform service and business model development

We help companies develop platform services and business models. Starting by defining new value propositions, we identify new services and business models for companies and provide support with organizational and technical implementation, pricing and distribution, right up to full implementation.

Digital services for production

Factory operations are becoming ever-more complex, and transparency and standardized data structures are needed in order to monitor and control processes and equipment. This is where digital services come into play. These can be operated and orchestrated on an IIoT platform and support production. However, a number of restrictions must be taken into account when identifying and selecting suitable digital services for such purposes.

We assist in identifying, prioritizing and designing these digital services and identify the “killer applications” that deliver sustainable added value to your company. At the same time, we put the digital services into a logical implementation sequence. Together with our partners, we also help you with the implementation and support you in the digital transformation to a product service system.


IntWertL – Intelligente Wertschöpfungsnetzwerke für Leichtbaufahrzeuge geringer Stückzahl

Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft arbeiten gemeinsam an einer digitalen Engineering- und Produktionsplattform, die das Entwickeln individueller Formen der Mobilität und deren Realisierung in kleinen Stückzahlen auch für KMU attraktiv macht.


Easy2IoT – Smart Services für KMU

Wir entwickeln eine einfache digitale Erweiterung von Bestandsmaschinen zu smarten Anlagen und zur Nutzung von Smart Services. Das modulare System ist herstellerunabhängig einsetzbar und ermöglicht die Vernetzung unterschiedlicher Akteure.


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