Lean Management

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Lean Management in production

Lean Management is both a philosophy and a method that aims to make processes and procedures in production as efficient as possible. The goal is to eliminate waste and increase value in all areas of production. Lean Management is based on the concept of continuous improvement and requires all employees and managers to actively participate in improving processes.


Lean Management is based on the following five basic principles:

1. Define value: Value from the customer's perspective needs to be defined to understand what processes and activities are valuable to the customer. We help to find out what the customer really wants and what their needs are in order to define the value.

2. Analyse the value stream: Once the value has been defined, the processes that contribute to the creation of that value need to be analysed. The goal is to help the customer identify all activities that contribute to the value stream in order to eliminate waste and optimise processes.

3. Create flow: After analysing the value stream, it is important to improve the flow of activities. Our goal is to optimise the client's flow of materials and information in a way that maximises value creation.

4. Apply the pull principle: Once the flow is optimized, companies must ensure that production only takes place when there is demand. The pull principle means that a part is produced only when it is needed to avoid overproduction and waste.

5. Continuous improvement: Lean is a continuous improvement philosophy. Companies must continuously analyse their processes and operations to eliminate waste and inefficient activities and maximise customer value.


We support you in the holistic implementation of lean management. This includes, among other things, the analysis of production processes, the identification of waste and bottlenecks, the implementation of continuous improvement processes as well as training and workshops for employees and managers.


What benefits does a lean management project offer you?

  • Lowering production costs while increasing efficiency and flexibility
  • Efficient use of resources through the elimination of waste
  • High customer satisfaction through fast and reliable processes
  • Continuous improvement of processes within the company 

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