Value Stream Design and Lean Production

Is your production system the best of its kind? Do you want to make it even better? Do you want to be a step ahead of your customers’ requirements?

Or are your customers making new demands? Do they want shorter delivery times, a wider range of products or more punctual deliveries?

Or are your costs getting out of control and you do not know exactly where the problem lies? Could it be a problem with staff productivity, the performance of production machinery, throughput times, production control and sequence optimization, energy efficiency or material efficiency?

Then you have chosen the right people to contact!

We work together with you to develop innovative concepts for your production process. We have systematically further developed the successful method “value stream mapping and design”, which enables us to slim down even complex production systems to an acceptable level. Shape your future with us!


Value Stream Mapping and Design

Do you want to obtain a clear picture of your production process and reduce complexity in your factory? Fraunhofer IPA implements value stream mapping and design – a concept that has become established throughout all branches of industry.


Optimizing space usage with value stream design

Is your factory bursting at the seams with no relief in sight in the form of products being discontinued? Are new products or production equipment from other sites planned to be integrated into your existing production area?


Data value stream and lean information logistics

Fraunhofer IPA supports the design of lean and demand-oriented information logistics systems for employees directly and indirectly involved in the value stream.


Value Stream Simulation

Do you want to obtain a clear picture of the planning of your production processes? Fraunhofer IPA methodically validates value streams by conducting simulations.


Energy Value Stream Analysis

Do you want to improve energy efficiency in your production process? Energy value stream analysis identifies potentials – an integrated approach developed by Fraunhofer IPA.