Operational excellence in production and logistics

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The research group “Operational Excellence” at Fraunhofer IPA helps you to implement excellent production and logistics systems with an agile mindset to give you a competitive edge.

Volatile markets, unreliable supply chains and growing complexity are just some of the current challenges faced by production and logistics. The rising customer demand for batch size 1 and immediate delivery call for excellent production and logistics processes to survive in the market.

Fraunhofer IPA supports companies across the globe by supplying methods that enable them to implement improvements in production and logistics with agile methods, giving them a lasting competitive advantage.

Based on an analysis of products, processes, resources and structures, we identify favorable system characteristics and potentials for improvement in your company. The agile transformation ensures fast implementation in a multidisciplinary team with focus on the customer.

Some examples of what we do:


Your advantages:

  • Methodical organization of your production and logistics systems enables excellent processes
  • We assist your team with the agile implementation to bring the concept to the shop floor
  • Short project durations guarantee fast implementation
  • Services individually tailored to your needs
  • Methodological approach based on latest research findings
  • Our longstanding experience in industrial project management in numerous branches of industry
  • Independent research and development from an external perspective

Get in touch with us and tell us about your current challenges. We are looking forward to discuss possible solutions and support options in an on-site meeting.

Our Services


Manufacturing Excellence

Do you want to optimize your processes and see first results quickly? Together we identify the root causes of problems in your factory operations, derive suitable improvement measures and start implementing manufacturing excellence with agile methods.


Lean production logistics

Do you want to use tugger trains instead of forklifts, or replace tugger trains with AGVs altogether? Would you like to store materials and purchased parts centrally or repack and supply them directly? Do you want lean production methods and intralogistics processes that are optimally coordinated? Fraunhofer IPA plans material supply and intralogistics based on value stream design guidelines. We think intralogistics in a value stream-oriented way by applying the value stream logistics method.


Transparency in factory operations

Do you have extensive production data, but are lacking a transparent and clear way to process and communicate them? With modern analysis tools, we help you make your complex production data understandable in order to create process transparency. The goal is a transparent controlling tool to enable a reliable and responsive production system.


Managing production complexity

Is ever-growing complexity pushing your production team to the limits? A paradigm shift brings improvements throughout the entire system.



Lean Management

Do you want to use lean management to make the processes within your company as value-adding as possible? What does that mean in concrete terms and how do you go about it? We support you in the holistic implementation of Lean Management and in your goal to maximise the added value of your company.

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