Transparency in factory operations

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Do you have extensive production data, but are lacking a transparent and clear-cut way to process them? Using modern analysis tools, we help you make your complex production data transparent and work out improvements together. The goal is a reliable and responsive production process.

Your employees and IT systems generate huge quantities of data in your factory every day. These flow continuously into a large data pool and are collected there. It doesn’t take long before the data pool is full of all sorts of things, from single big data sharks and schools of little data fish to large quantities of data sludge. How can you use data skillfully and which data fish are worth their weight in gold? How do you identify patterns in data swarms and what can you learn from past data for future production operations?

Transparency is a prerequisite for Operational excellence. We work with you to create transparency across the board in three steps.

  • First of all, we obtain a holistic overview, from the big picture right down to the smallest detail. Together with you, we define factory goals. This helps us to distinguish the more relevant details from the less relevant ones and to prioritize analysis.
  • Reliability towards internal and external customers is a must when it comes to managing production processes. We pinpoint the causes of backlogs and poor delivery reliability. In complex productions, we use networked representations to help us do this. This allows us to systematically analyze even multi-stage products.
  • Short throughput and delivery times are often decisive competitive factors. We analyze order and feedback data to identify long-running issues and conduct detailed process analyses to pinpoint inflexible processes and bottlenecks.

To ensure that the newly-gained transparency is not an end in itself, we afterwards work out improvement measures with you that can be put into practice straight away. Via Short-cycle iterations, we assist your team in implementing these improvements.


Transparency in factory operations gives you the following benefits:

  • Prepared logistical key figures to support fact-based discussions and help to measure performance
  • The transparently prepared data are ideal for use with (digital) shopfloor boards
  • Focusing on bottlenecks reduces the effort involved in collecting data

Are you fishing in a murky data pool and lacking transparency in production? We can assist with our methodical and pragmatic approach.

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