Digital Transformation in Assembly

Industrie 4.0 offers a wide range of potential. We help companies exploit the advantages of digitization in the assembly process. Whether for the data-driven optimization of internal assembly processes or to create added value using new assembly data-driven business models or new products: the focus is always on where the greatest benefit for your company lies. We would like to help you find the answer.

Our project formats range from a once-only analysis of digitization potential in order to derive a digitization strategy for your assembly, to continuous data acquisition & analysis and data-driven optimization of your assembly operations with the aid of machine learning methods. If required, we use a sensor system we have developed ourselves for modular data acquisition and analysis. This enables data to be collected without any commissioning effort being required - even in areas without a digitization infrastructure.

Analysis of digitization potential

  • Carefully selecting suitable processes for digitization under consideration of the company's goals, current challenges and general conditions
  • Data acquisition with a modular sensor system
  • Data analysis and intuitive provision of analysis results
  • Identifying optimization potential
  • Overview of the benefits of data collection and analysis
  • Deriving potential for data-driven optimization and for creating added customer value from assembly data

Data driven optimization

  • Data science method for analyzing assembly data
  • Machine learning methods and algorithms for optimizing assembly in a continuous learning process
  • Developing tools and assistive systems as an interface between humans and algorithms
  • Support during the digital transformation of assembly processes

Sensor system for data acquisition and analysis in production

  • Modular sensor system of distributed sensors mounted to components, tools, devices and machines, for example
  • Linked to additional data sources (e.g. ERP, MES systems, machine controls, existing sensors)
  • Direct analysis and user-specific provision of results

Petra Foith-Förster introduces the working group Assembly Planning and Data-Driven Optimization

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We offer you the possibility to collect data automatically and to process them with ML algorithms in order to optimize your assembly operations.

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