Dispersion Technology

Nanoparticle preparation and dispersion technology play a major role in the development of functional materials. The quality of the dispersion not only determines the quality and properties of the materials produced but also the quality of the final product.

The greatest advantage of nanoparticles lies in their large surface area. This is for most particles, however, a disadvantage because they tend to agglomerate as a result of the large surface area. In an agglomerated state, they are unsuitable for incorporation into other materials. Uneven particle distribution and agglomerated particles make the material inhomogeneous and cause weaknesses. For this reason, nanoparticles must be transferred in a stable state without agglomerates.

Within the scope of development projects, we help you to select the right matrix materials, additives, stabilizers and processing steps. This enables us to develop dispersion materials and composites with the properties you require.

We would be pleased to assist you in the development of your application by helping you to design the overall process and select the right fillers. This means that important variables such as the degree of automation, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness are taken into account right from the start and appropriately managed during the development.


Paste and slurry production

We work with you to develop the optimum dispersion strategy for high-quality, stable and efficiently-produced pastes - individually tailored to your application.


Dispersions for heating elements

Improved conductivity and wide application range through using carbon tubes as an alternative material.


Technical equipment

Here you can get an overview of the technical equipment and conditions in our dispersion technology department.

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