Healthy and efficient: assistance systems for people in production

© Fraunhofer IPA / Rainer Bez

The shortage of skilled workers, an aging society and the need for efficiency call for humane industrial production processes. Fraunhofer IPA offers assistance systems and solutions for humans working in industrial production with the aim of keeping employees healthy and productive.

As an applied research institute, we devise solutions in research and development projects with our industrial partners in the following subject areas:

  • Detailed ergonomics surveys and user needs analysis at individual workplaces
  • Human-centered process and workplace optimization
  • Ergonomic optimization of machines, equipment, tools, aids and components
  • Digital biomechanics - model-based evaluation and optimization to improve ergonomics
  • Body-worn sensory assistance systems and exoskeletons
  • Camera-based safety systems
  • Sensor-based worker assistance in assembly environments
  • Technologies for extracting harmful production-related substances

Ergonomics and biomechanics

Ergonomic workplace design

End-to-end assembly optimization from a single source

Training in assembly

Industrial exoskeletons

Extraction technology for use when machining lightweight materials

Worker assistance with optical 3D scene analysis

Recording and classifying physical stress using cardiac hemodynamics

Ergonomic benefits

Reducing effective loads

Keeping healthy at work with digital exoskeletons

Hybrid additive lightweight engineering