Manufacturing excellence

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With our help, you can implement projects quickly and in a targeted manner: Together, we identify the root causes of problems in your factory operations, derive suitable improvement measures and start implementing manufacturing excellence – one sprint at a time.

Are you often in “firefighting” mode due to deviations in output quantities, quality or express orders? Do you only manage to meet delivery deadlines putting in a huge amount of energy? You do not know where to start because there are so many problems that need to be solved?

Together we analyze your production and logistics processes and identify the biggest levers for reducing complexity.

We list the necessary implementation tasks in a “factory backlog” and prioritize them. As a result, you can implement the actions, starting with the ones offering the greatest benefit.

Our project approach clearly pinpoints the challenges in your factory operations. The project team uses the prioritized backlog to prepare an agile implementation. This ensures fast results and supports the team at working towards a common goal.

Fraunhofer IPA's methodical optimization of your operations to achieve Manufacturing Excellence offers the following benefits:   

  • The joint, structured and methodical approach ensures high-quality results and encourages teamwork
  • The external perspective generates new impulses for your factory operations
  • The factory backlog with prioritized improvement measures ensures focused implementation
  • By planning the first implementation sprint together, fast feedback can be obtained
  • The common first sprint review and retrospective ensures agile implementation and keeps the project and team on track

Do you want to optimize your production processes rather than carry out another project that will just end up being filed and forgotten about? Together with you, we develop an excellent manufacturing system, provide initial proof-of-concept via pilot projects, and prepare the agile implementation in a team sprint.

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