Intralogistics and material flow

Industrial robots constitute a flexible element in material flow automation. New sensor concepts and improved control strategies are continuously extending application possibilities for modern industrial robots. In particular, today’s use of ever-cheaper 3D object recognition sensors and related 3D object recognition software enhance the flexibility and operational safety of industrial robots in intralogistics.


With our in-depth expert knowledge and in our role as an independent, competent partner, we can help you improve your automated intralogistics and material flow. Examples of our services include:

  • Design of systems and components
  • Feasibility studies and prototypes of critical subsystems, such as component detection and gripper technology
  • Simulation of robot cells for handling tasks
  • Simulation of material flows
  • Preparation of system specifications and tender documents
  • Development and realization of components and systems

Technologies and innovations

  • Construction and development of gripper technologies for customized gripping tasks
  • Algorithms for robust 3D component localization
  • Control engineering for robots
  • Development and construction of parallel (wire) robots and special kinematic solutions
  • Enhanced accuracy through calibration and model-driven compensation


  • Flexible alternative in internal material flows
  • Makes logistics processes faster, more cost-effective and more efficient
  • Numerous applications, e.g. palletizing tasks, order-picking or sorting
  • Increasing potential to cut costs by automating intralogistics processes that were previously executed manually

Examples of projects

  • Tending machines and tool carriers
  • Robot application for feeding and unloading workpiece carriers (bin-picking)

Separation Processes Using Robots: Bin-Picking

In manufacturing environments, it is standard practice to store workpieces in a disorderly fashion. Bin-picking software locates workpieces in a container so that a robot can pick them up. This allows much shorter cycle times to be achieved.


Cable-Driven Parallel Robot

Cable-Driven Parallel Robots are an innovative automation concept for performing handling tasks with extreme requirements that involve long transport distances and high speeds.


Warehouse and Retail Logistics

For Germany to remain an internationally-competitive manufacturing location, cost efficiency and output flexibility need to be improved and consistent levels of quality ensured. This can be achieved through implementing mobile service robots.


Gripper Systems

Fraunhofer IPA optimizes your production facility and increases the flexibility of your automation solutions by implementing and developing innovative, reliable gripper systems.


Measurement and Calibration for High Precision Processes

With our state-of-the-art measuring systems and robotics expertise, we pinpoint sources of error and help you optimize your equipment.


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