CAPE® - flexible, portable cleanroom system

© Fraunhofer IPA, Rainer Bez
The cleanroom tent 'CAPE®'

The new cleanroom system from Fraunhofer IPA 'Clean And Protective Environment', in short 'CAPE®', is compact like a tent but offers a cleanroom class of up to ISO 1. For the first time, companies and research institutes now have a cleanroom on demand (cleanroom tent) that can be assembled quickly and easily anywhere they want to keep their high-quality products and systems clean.

In many sectors of industry with cleanliness requirements, the tiniest amounts of contamination are sufficient to cause severe quality losses. Such contamination may result in faulty microchips, space probes or lenses. To avoid this damage, companies manufacturing high-quality products outsource the relevant production and assembly steps to cleanrooms. Cleanrooms are generally expensive, inflexible and unable to protect against contamination through transport. With the CAPE®, Fraunhofer IPA has developed the first cleanroom system which can be erected flexibly. By being portable, it can be used to protect products against contamination during transport.

As well as offering protection in selected production areas with and without cleanroom systems, the CAPE® can also be used to protect products during contamination-sensitive work processes.

Thanks to the CAPE®´s simple construction principle, individual solutions can be erected and dismantled within the space of an hour.

The CAPE® - Highlight of the portable and flexible cleanroom solutions.

The CAPE® offers a fast and clean solution.


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