Optimizing space usage with value stream design

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Is your factory bursting at the seams with no relief in sight in the form of products being discontinued? Are new products or production equipment from other sites planned to be integrated into your existing production area?

You need to find ways to increase your productivity per unit shop floor space without making any major changes to the technical side of the production process. The obvious potential for saving space, such as unused areas or over-generously designed spaces, has already been exhausted. In this situation, it often helps to fundamentally review the factory structure and production process based on the eight guidelines of value stream design, with a special focus on product families. Using the two micro and macro layout design guidelines, we transform this information together with your employees into a layout plan that also takes productivity per space unit into account and improves it.

A factory layout optimized in terms of space gives you the following advantages:

  • Factory workers become more aware of the effective use of space by learning about practice-based design guidelines for optimizing the use of space
  • Increased turnover with the same space requirement by focusing on using space effectively
  • Lean production processes reduce the need for transport and storage space
  • Additional savings through more efficient logistics and provisioning processes
  • benefit of our extensive planning experience and development of unconventional ideas for maximizing space usage


Structuring production and optimizing of the area-productivity rate at Diehl Aerospace

To create space for offices, Diehl Aerospace is planning to concentrate its production area into two floors instead of three. As part of a project with Fraunhofer IPA, a changeable and compact factory concept based on lean production methods was developed.

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