Energy Value Stream Analysis

Are you using energy efficiently? How much money could you save with your energy consumption? Do you know what uses up the most energy? Do you want to make your factory energy-efficient? Would you like to support your industry in attaining ecological goals?

In the past, very little attention was paid to assessing and reducing energy consumption in industry. However, subject to the major rise in energy prices in recent years and the associated increase in the amount of money spent on energy, people are becoming more aware of the fact that decreasing energy consumption can cut costs and improve competitiveness.

The concept of energy value stream analysis developed at Fraunhofer IPA is a simple and target-oriented method for comprehensively assessing, analyzing and optimizing process-related energy consumption. Whereas classical value stream mapping and design considers material and information flows, this procedure is a supplement which takes the use of energy into account. It gives you a detailed picture of the types of energy you use and the associated costs. The concept aims at pinpointing and eliminating any energy wastage in the production process as well as optimizing energy management.


How does energy value stream analysis work?

The first step in energy value stream analysis is to obtain an overview of a company’s energy flow. The lean energy toolbox used at Fraunhofer IPA contains a collection of portable measuring equipment (power meters and compressed air meters). Drawing on our extensive experience, we use these to identify your main energy consumers. Based on these results, we then assess the savings you could make by implementing modern technology.

In the second step of the energy value stream analysis, the production process is redesigned from an energy standpoint according to eight design guidelines. Optimization measures are implemented in the following, which lead to a significant increase in energy efficiency.

Optimizing the use of energy in production with the aid of energy value stream analysis offers you the following advantages:

  • Identification of main energy consumers
  • Clear picture of energy consumption related to processes
  • Identification of potentials for optimization with regard to the use of energy
  • Cost savings as well as the fulfillment of ecological demands
  • Derivation of measures to improve energy efficiency
  • Basis for strategically anchoring energy as an issue

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