Data value stream and lean information logistics

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Are your production workers overflowed by a veritable flood of data and information thanks to digitization, without being able to find what they actually need straight away? Employees often have to search for information before they can carry out their work or have to prepare data before they can add value. Due to the poor supply of information, a digitized value chain thus results in typical waste among information users.

To address this problem, Fraunhofer IPA has developed a five-step method for designing lean information supply systems for employees who are directly or indirectly involved in the value stream. The design of demand-oriented information logistics is strictly based on the information requirements of an information user. When applying the method, eight design guidelines provide concrete instructions on which modules and connection types are used to structure the data value stream.

In the data value stream, data flows are seen from the perspective of value creation and thus, in principle, also interdepartmentally. In this way, interfaces can be optimized or reduced based on data value stream. The design of the technical system based on this flow logic is conceived by an interdisciplinary team from the production and IT departments


Designing demand-oriented information logistics with data value stream gives you the following advantages:

  • Less effort required to procure and supply information by avoiding waste
  • Support by making design decisions thanks to design guidelines and instructions for action
  • Change of perspective from the strictly IT view to demand-oriented information logistics
  • Quality of information determined for each information user
  • Clearly defined interfaces and responsibilities
  • Existing IT infrastructure taken into account
  • Value-adding processes supported by the designed information system (and not vice versa)
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Data value stream from an information logistics perspective.

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