Value Stream Mapping and Design

How do you safeguard your company’s ability to remain competitive? Do you have a factory that manufactures goods cost-effectively as well as meeting customer requirements? Does this mean that you have a fast and lean factory?

Over the last few years, the value stream method has been successfully implemented to optimize production processes in all branches of industry. With the aid of value stream analysis, the status quo of a factory can now be systematically evaluated with all the relevant parameters. The resulting value stream gives a clear overview of the entire production process, including material flows and information flows. This enables any ineffective processes to be clearly identified. Fraunhofer IPA has concentrated in particular on further developing the integration of complex information flows with high variety and contract manufacturers.

Value stream mapping and design is used to methodically develop an optimized production state. To do this, Fraunhofer IPA implements ten factory planning principles, which it has developed and successfully applied in numerous industrial projects. By systematically applying the principles in sequence, throughput times are radically shortened and production control becomes much clearer.

Optimizing the production process with value stream mapping and design offers you the following advantages:

  • Clear overview of the entire production process with potentials for improvement recommended for throughput times and capacities
  • Factory audit with identification of ineffective processes
  • Drastic reduction in throughput times and stocks on the shopfloor
  • Synchronized production processes
  • Creation of a simple control logic with smooth production and a balanced range of products
  • Optimized batch sizes based on EPEI logic