Key areas

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Versatile production

We identify company-specific change drivers and develop individual solutions for our customers. Applications cover the complete factory spectrum, supporting both direct and indirect processes.


Coating systems and painting technology

We help you to optimize and further develop coatings, for example by developing functional materials, testing components, simulating coating processes and airflows, as well as by elaborating new processes and concepts.

Coating systems and painting technology


Energy efficiency in production

We offer our customers a coordinated range of advisory services, from identifying efficiency potentials in production plants through implementing tailored concepts for corporate energy management systems right up to selecting appropriate financing models.

Energy management and optimization

Energy management and optimization

Energy politics, strategies and financing



Thanks to our in-depth understanding of medical, biomechanical and engineering technologies, we provide tailored ergonomic solutions in the form of new and intuitive load-reducing tools and customized handling devices. When it comes to exoskeletons, we develop individual concepts for actively-driven systems worn on the body, for example for assembly, logistics or manufacturing tasks, as well as for rehabilitation purposes.




Functional safety and quality

We offer our customers a range of quality management services. For example, we evaluate functional safety conform to the vehicle standard ISO 26262, elaborate concepts for quality assurance, as well as for product and process development in vehicle manufacture (FMEA and QFD). With the aid of the Failure Process Matrix developed at Fraunhofer IPA, we reduce error-related costs related to the assembly of complex products.  

Quality management

Functional safety

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Quality Function Deployment

Failure Process Matrix


Industrie 4.0 and big data

Within the context of Industrie 4.0, we have developed numerous solutions and offer a wide range of services: Potential analysis, implementation process and readiness check.

Industrie 4.0


Lightweight engineering and generative manufacturing

By implementing lightweight engineering concepts and lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), our customers need less energy to operate their machinery and lower their emissions at the same time. In addition, we help them to implement lightweight concepts tailored to their requirements, as well as use new materials to enhance the performance of machines and equipment. In generative manufacturing, we assist customers with product development, from design right through to production.

Lightweight construction technologies


Production optimization

We develop consistent and integrated solutions for assembly, production and logistics processes. We also develop variant-specific planning and control strategies for complex, multi-variant manufacturing systems, as well as offer solutions for planning and monitoring processes in realtime.

Assembly planning

Planning manufacturing systems

Supply Chain Management


Quality analysis

For optical sensors, we implement three different testing techniques: 2-D surface inspection, 3-D image-processing and computer tomography (CT).

Surface inspection

3D measrurement and recognition

Quality assurance with thermography


Technical cleanliness

In our unique cleanliness laboratories adapted to the needs of the automotive industry, in compliance with standards we conduct independent cleanliness analyses to assess the presence of particles on components. We also carry out root cause and damage analyses, elaborate cleanliness inspection procedures and train inspection staff.

With our methodical and interdisciplinary approach, we combine expertise from different departments, thus enabling us to offer services along the full length of the automotive value chain.

Technical cleanliness in the automotive industry