Machinery and Equipment Industry

© Photo Fraunhofer IPA, Rainer Bez

Advancing digitization is speeding up our processes and opening up new business models: Customers can transmit their individual requirements digitally and thus influence product and production planning. As soon as a parts list arrives, parts are automatically ordered at the supplier’s via a cloud.

Machines are fitted with intelligent sensors and actuators. Data exchange between these interfaces, paired with the integration of demands, enables a production plant to function autonomously. Consumer usage data that is digitally accessible provides information about future maintenance measures. Data regarding load cycles or load peaks, for example, can also be included when developing new machines. Digitization reaches its peak when immaterial values and services are sold rather than machines.

The business unit “Machinery and Equipment Industry” at Fraunhofer IPA bundles the expertise your production facility needs concerning digitization, automation and manufacturing engineering.

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